The Pressler Garden


Annette started serious Daylily collecting about 2003. Their garden, located about twenty minutes north of Baton Rouge in the city of Zachary has slowly being transformed from horse pasture to work of art.


Annette first got interested in daylilies when a veterinarian she worked with traded veterinary services for daylilies. Since she had no place to plant them Annette graciously offered to grow them for her “temporarily”. The temporary daylily custody soon turned into the “potato chip syndrome”. Now the Daylilies are a big part of the landscape with new beds being added and old ones being reworked and, of course, expanded to make room for more Daylilies. Annette has done a little hybridizing and plans on introducing a Daylily for each of their three grandchildren. In addition to Daylilies, there are azaleas, roses, grasses, crinums, and many other perennials. Their latest project is a native plant area at the front of the property. Annette describes the garden as “a work in progress.”


Annette’s collection hovers around 450 different varieties, from one that was introduced the year Annette was born to some of the latest introductions. Annette still likes to keep some of the older varieties so visitors can see how Daylilies have changed. With around five acres, there is plenty of room for expansion. The horses are watching this progress with an uneasy feeling that they are losing their foothold.


Annette is past president of the Baton Rouge Daylily Society (2007 – 2008) and a member of AHS. Annette also serves as a member of the executive board of the Baton Rouge Daylily Society and was instrumental in the planning of the 2011 AHS National Convention. Annette was responsible for collecting and distributing the guest plants for the 2011 National Convention.


In her spare time, Annette owns her own dog grooming business. She is a Louisiana Master Gardener contributing many hours to co-chairing the annual Master Gardener plant sale at the Burden Center in Baton Rouge. She is also quite an accomplished artist creating some beautiful paintings of the flowers she so loves.


The garden has matured since the 2011 National but still retains that “country” feel.


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