The Botanical Garden of Baton Rouge



Located in the middle of Baton Rouge the botanic garden gives our residents a place to enjoy all that the southern climate has to offer in the way of plantings and species. The Botanical Garden of Baton Rouge was begun in 1991 by a group of hard-working volunteers and is ever changing. Established gardens and gardens presently under development include the Crape Myrtle Garden, Rose Garden, Sensory Garden, Herb Garden, Louisiana Iris Garden and the Daylily Garden. 


The Daylily Garden was started with plants donated by Mrs. B. B. Saxon. In 2001 it was expanded by Botanic Garden Volunteers. Members of the Baton Rouge Daylily Society donated and planted over 800 cultivars.


The daylily plantings consist of an impressive collection of heirloom and modern cultivars in a public garden setting which is being expanded each year as resources permit.  The Botanic Gardens are open to the public from sunrise to sunset 365 days a year.botanical_j


The Botanical Garden was granted AHS Display Garden status in 2009 and is primarily cared for by Mrs. Claire Fontenot and a group of master gardeners and volunteers.


If it were not for Claire Fontenot, the daylily portion of the Botanical Garden would probably be 20 25 older varieties with no recognizable identification or much care.


Raised on a farm in Houma, Claire did not start her professional career in the medical services field until her two children were well on their way to adulthood.


In her spare time she became involved with Lagniappe Studies, Master Gardeners and, of course, the Botanical Garden of Baton Rouge.


After twenty years in the health care field she retired in 1995. After her retirement she became increasingly involved with volunteer work, teaching and mentoring those interested in horticulture. She has the answer on anything green.


The collection now consists of over approximately 1200 named cultivars and is one of the largest daylily collections in a public garden setting.


Claire presently serves as secretary for the Baton Rouge Daylily Society and is a member of AHS. I do not see how she finds time to spoil her great grandchildren.



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