The garden of Jim and Brenda Bridges is located on Brenda's family property  in Gonzales, Louisiana.  Formerly pasture and farm land, it now makes room for a two street subdivision, Brenda Street and Betty Street named after she and her sister.  b_bridges_5The subdivision was built by Jim, her father, and brother in the 70s and 80s.  After living there for 30 years and raising two children, Jim built their present home right next door in 2005.  They were fortunate to acquire three acres adjacent to their home that included a pecan orchard planted by her grandfather. The 70 year old pecan trees can be viewed from the rear garden which can best be described as a buffet of a plant connoisseur.b_bridges_10

Brenda is an AHS member and a member of three local daylily clubs.  She became a master gardener in 2016.  The hundred or so daylilies are planted  in amongst salvia, hibicus, Mexican firebush, roses, clematis (11 at last count) mandevilla, and agapanthus as well as a variety of typical base plants like azaleas, sasanquas, and ornamental trees.  With all this she still finds room to sprinkle the garden with annual and perennial color in the spring and fall.b_bridges_6

She is proud that her garden is a haven for hummingbirds and butterflies which is both challenging and rewarding.  Her other hobby when not gardening is spoiling her four grandchildren.  She loves watching them play under the same pecan trees she played under as a child.






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